art = communication = success.

One of the tasks starting a business is the setting up the office. There where many steps taken in setting up the office at home and in a office space. Having to buy all the necessary office equipment, design the work space and get supplies.

It made the most financial sense to start the business at home. The business was carefully monitored for start up costs and a home office shaved expenses off the top, however, have also chosen a office space. Like any business decision we looked at the alternatives and determine what was the best course of action.

Designing the right office reduces stress, improve productivity, and in the end, enhance the profits of a small business. Buying all the necessary office equipment for the business is more exciting than crunching the numbers. The area of setting up a home and business office quickly escalated costs out of control, so we made a guide of what is needed and what would be nice to have in the near future. Buying all the required office supplies while setting up the business has saved us countless trips to the office supply store.