The President

Carlos D. Venegas

art = communication = success.

I knew I wanted to get involved with art when I was younger but I wasn’t sure which area of the field I wanted to get into. I remember watching how to draw on TV in the morning and wondering if I wanted to do something similar. I took classes in middle school but I really didn’t know what a graphic designer was till I took courses in high school and started to learn software. In class, we would talk about job opportunity and possibilities of becoming an artist. My classmates where always interested in what I was designing. Their interest served as my inspiration towards continuing learning and developing my graphic designing skills.

Often I would draw on my homework and on my bedroom walls. I would draw everywhere, however, now I just had to find a way to make my art my career. I liked cartoons and appreciated how they were drawn. I would trace and imitate or learn how to draw different cartoon characters. I would memorize how to draw Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse. When I would draw, I would show my friends and family and they enjoyed the drawings. I remember students in my class would often have drawing competitions. To me, art was always competitive.

When I was young, I was influenced by the Pixar. I wanted to work for Pixar. I saw all of their movies and even went into 3D designing for a while winning 2nd place in NY State for Skills U.S.A. V.I.C.A. ( Vocational Industrial Clubs of America ), I was competing against people who were designing in Maya and 3D Studio Max. Now that I’m older, I am influenced by web developers. Two web developers that I’m really influenced by is Christian Sparrow and Dario Capizzi. Their portfolio and websites are very well developed, interactive, simple to navigate, and the function and creativeness captures my vision in regards to the direction I want to head into.

Web development involves my favorite programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. With the web, the limitations are endless and almost anything is possible.